Commercial Office: An Extension of Your Business

The landscape of your office is an extension of your business and your businesses values. A perfectly manicured landscape will invite your clients, investors, and most importantly employees into your business. 

Apartment or Condominium Complex: An Extension of Your Home and Community

The landscape of your apartment or condominium complex represents your community and the overall value of your property. Hiring a professional landscape management company to maintain and develop your landscape will help increase the value of your home and investment over the years, while easing tensions between neighbors and associations from allocating this major responsibility out to a responsibly and a professional company.  




Endless Opportunities 

GreenOp can create a plan for your commercial office, apartment complex, or condominium complex to ensure that it is an inviting atmosphere. Our maintenance plans will keep the property neat and clean throughout the growing season, while also adding continuous color and bringing your space to life. Some features of those plans are: 

  • Detailed Weekly Landscape Maintenance Visits
  • Mulch Installations for Weed Prevention and Moisture Control
  • Tree & Shrub Horticultural Services
  • Lawn Management
  • Seasonal Annual & Perennial Installations (Exterior and Interior)
  • Weed Control
  • Custom Seasonal Displays
  • Irrigation Maintenance